Eartha Kitt Natal Chart


Eartha Kitt

DOB: 1/17/1927

Life Path: 28/10

Moon Phase: Gibbous

Her life path makes her very independent, innovative and idealistic.  She wants to bring all together as one but often ends up feeling alone and alienated with her thoughts and direction.

The Gibbous moon phase she was born in shows that she came to Earth to learn the reasons “why” which led her to a lot of self-reflection and revelation as she sought to understand herself, her image and her place in the world.  The life path number 10/1 supports this self-analysis and passion for growth and inner discovery.

Sun in 2nd house conjunct Mercury: She was a very vocal person, spoke her mind (though may have been somewhat defensive) with great singing ability.  It is through her personality that she gains abundance and self-worth.

Sun trine Black Moon: Makes for a very wicked appearance, a rebellious and powerful Lillith type of woman, refined yet wild and untamed.

Venus in 2nd House: She had love for the nicer things in life with Venus in its home of the 2nd house, a lot of money potential.

Moon opposes the Sun: She was a person very divided and torn with an internal struggle between her anima and animus (a squared Mars and Venus supports this), self vs. others, outer career vs. personal feelings.

Moon conjunct Pluto: She experienced VERY intense emotions felt very deeply to her core.  These planets square her Sedna leading me to believe that she suffered from deep abandonment issues and therefore may manipulate or control people in her life so that they continue to stay with her and then inevitably pushes them away.

Saturn conjunct the Ascendant/South Node in Capricorn in the 1st House: She was used to making things very hard for herself.  She comes off very authoritatively with a wicked intensity, she is someone who took no shit from anyone and does not abide excuses.  She respected hard work but it was her internal and continual pushing of herself that caused the most problems psychologically.

Hades and Sedna in 4th House: In her childhood, there were feelings of intense alienation and abandonment. Uranus in Pisces in the 4th (opposing the Black Moon in 10th) led to feeling alone with her imagination; she was very misunderstood as she had quite a creative mind.  Perfecting her career became her vice and means of escape from childhood home trauma.  Her South Node in the 1st supports someone who is used to relying only on themselves and feeling excluded.


In a 1992 interview with Dr. Anthony Clare, Kitt spoke about her gay following, saying:

“We’re all rejected people, we know what it is to be refused, we know what it is to be oppressed, depressed, and then, accused, and I am very much cognizant of that feeling. Nothing in the world is more painful than rejection. I am a rejected, oppressed person, and so I understand them, as best as I can, even though I am a heterosexual.”


Chiron in Aries: She was independent and somewhat self-centered to a fault while simultaneously finding it difficult to pinpoint who she actually is.  Chiron squares Sun shows that the focus on career is motivated by trying to discover herself through the eyes of the public.

Amor in 1st (Sagittarius): She was capable of very deep and enduring love of the universe and philosophy, she is very motivated by the struggles of the humanity as a whole (square Uranus in Pisces) and is compassionate to all.

Ceres in Sagittarius in 12th:  She was deeply spiritual, even if it does not appear to others and she may not even realize it herself how much she is.  She found comfort in the unknown and unseen forces (many with abandonment issues learn to rely on the spiritual realm for guidance and support), she can become quite reclusive due to this.

North Node in Cancer in 7th denotes a lesson to learn in emotionally nurturing others in her relationships and friendships rather than putting herself and her career first so often.

Eros trine North Node: She was someone who lived life very passionately.  She was intense in her emotions, serious about what and who she loves and eventually nurtured others with compassion and an abundance of energy and strength.

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