Motivations and Aspirations Determined by the Sun and Moon Signs

Our personality is primarily composed of our likes, dislikes, preferences and instinctual motivations.  It is through our personality that we relate and communicate with the world around us.  In astrology, the way we express our personality is represented by our Sun sign.  The Sun sign is based on the constellation that the Sun rose in at the time of our birth.  We tend to define ourselves to others through our Sun sign.  The Sun shows us the way we interact with the world.

Our Moon sign shows what ultimately brings us comfort, security and a sense of peace.  It represents the reason behind the things we do and why we choose to exhibit our personality the way we do.  The Moon expresses our inner world, instincts and motivations.

When considering the motivations of the Moon sign, it is best to look to the esoteric planetary ruler of the sign as the Moon’s motivations are not as apparent to others.  Our motivations are generally unknown remaining cloaked by the darkness and muted light of the Moon until we feel comfortable and secure enough to revel our intentions.  The exoteric, or traditional ruler of the sign shows how the sign goes about accomplishing (Sun) what it is motivated by (Moon).

First locate your Moon sign to find what you are motivated by and then locate your Sun sign to discover how you best accomplish it.


Motivated by Moon Sign (Esoteric Ruler):

Aries Moon (Ruled by Mercury) Motivation: Learning, teaching and communicating

Aries Moon has a natural instinct toward competition and physical activity.  Finds comfort in rebellion, verbal exchanges, fiery and intense love relationships and attention.

Taurus Moon (Ruled by Vulcan) Motivation: Divine purpose in life and directed passion

Taurus Moon has a natural instinct toward acquiring possessions and familiarity.  Finds comfort in natural beauty and/or nature, family, good food and a worn out spot on the couch.

Gemini Moon (Ruled by Venus) Motivation: Love and the appreciation of beauty in life

Gemini Moon has a natural instinct toward communication and knowledge.  Finds comfort in intellectual observations, flirting with love interests and questioning others.

Cancer Moon (Ruled by Neptune) Motivation: Daydreams, fantasies and internal exploration

Cancer Moon has a natural instinct toward security and ease.  Finds comfort in home cooked meals, experiencing and expressing feelings and big soft blankets and beds.

Leo Moon (Ruled by the Sun) Motivation: Adoration and attention

Leo Moon has a natural instinct toward creative expression and drama.  Finds comfort in romantic relationships, excelling in a talent and exciting experiences.

Virgo Moon (Ruled by the Moon) Motivation: Nurturing, feeding and supporting others

Virgo Moon has a natural instinct toward service and perfection.  Finds comfort in creating and/or cleaning messes, making everything more functional and improving loved ones.

Libra Moon (Ruled by Uranus) Motivation: Social changes and innovative ideas

Libra Moon has a natural instinct toward relationships and physical beauty.  Finds comfort in stylish clothing or décor, being at the right place with the right people and talking.

Scorpio Moon (Ruled by Mars) Motivation: Challenges, oppositions and aggression

Scorpio Moon has a natural instinct toward depth of feeling and human psychology.  Finds comfort in discovering others on the deepest levels, dark and haunting art or environments and sexuality.

Sagittarius Moon (Ruled by the Earth) Motivation: Fertility and practical purpose

Sagittarius Moon has a natural instinct toward discovery and philosophy.  Finds comfort in exciting friends with mutual interests, travelling and light-hearted humor.

Capricorn Moon (Ruled by Saturn) Motivation: Structure and societal recognition

Capricorn Moon has a natural instinct toward social advancement and secure structures.  Finds comfort in having an objective, being known for abilities and a good reputation.

Aquarius Moon (Ruled by Jupiter) Motivation: Expansion, spirituality and abundance

Aquarius Moon has a natural instinct toward scientific knowledge and the future.  Finds comfort in eclectic and interesting friends, technological advancement and aloofness.

Pisces Moon (Ruled by Pluto) Motivation: Financial success, power and psychological depth

Pisces Moon has a natural instinct toward compassion for others and imaginative expression.  Finds comfort in pleasing loved ones, artistic expression and solitude to explore feelings.


Aspiration Accomplished through Sun Sign (Exoteric Ruler):

Aries Sun (Mars) Aspiration: Strength, energy, force of intent

Aries Sun is assertive, driven, ambitious and enthusiastic in personality.  Confident, energetic and loves to prove strength and ability.  Prone to insecurities but they will hardly ever show it.

Taurus Sun (Venus) Aspiration: Diplomacy, beauty, charm

Taurus Sun is resourceful, determined, devoted and comfort driven.  Very stable and loyal to family and friends. May have a tendency to use others for advancement but means no harm.

Gemini Sun (Mercury) Aspiration: Discovery of details, communicating knowledge

Gemini Sun is energetic, light-hearted, expressive and full of ideas and observations.  Loves to make connections between things.  Can be quite anxious and must find time to relax for balance.

Cancer Sun (Moon) Aspiration: Feeding, nurturing and comforting others

Cancer Sun is empathetic, sensitive, intuitive and concerned.  Very loyal to family and ancestry.  Has inner feelings of insecurity and must have time alone to keep from taking it out on others.

Leo Sun (Sun) Aspiration: Entertaining and inspiring others

Leo Sun is creative, confident, warm-hearted and open.  Needs lots of attention and adoration.  If lacking in confidence, can be a bully but will always stand up for and support those they love.

Virgo Sun (Mercury) Aspiration: Learning and communicating knowledge

Virgo Sun is industrious, analytical, detail-orientated and very helpful.  Aware of the most efficient ways of achieving things and tries to perfect methods.  Known for being critical but usually good-intentioned.

Libra Sun (Venus) Aspiration: Diplomacy, beauty, charm

Libra Sun is friendly, sociable, refined and easy to be around.  Believes very strongly in relating to and understanding others.  Not always able to express their will effectively but will support good friends.

Scorpio Sun (Pluto) Aspiration: Manipulation, depth of knowledge and determination

Scorpio Sun is passionate, private, profoundly emotional and ambitious.  Loves to delve deeply into taboo topics.  Can sting very badly if they are betrayed but deeply loyal to those they care about.

Sagittarius Sun (Jupiter) Aspiration: Faith, exploration and spirituality

Sagittarius Sun is friendly, optimistic, adventurous and explorative.  Known for an open, expansive mind and usually quite spiritual.  May be a bit dogmatic about beliefs but is dedicated to finding inner truth.

Capricorn Sun (Saturn) Aspiration: Organization, efficiency and discipline

Capricorn Sun is ambitious, organized, career-driven and reserved.  A social climber, loving to align themselves with influential persons.  May be controlling or inflexible but works very hard to achieve.

Aquarius Sun (Uranus) Aspiration: Unpredictability, surprises and rebellion

Aquarius Sun is unique, intellectual, rebellious and friendly.  Loves to buck against societal convention and norms.  Can be a rebel without a cause at times but truly wants social modifications to benefit all.

Pisces Sun (Neptune) Aspiration: Imagination, internal exploration and compassion for all

Pisces Sun is imaginative, creative, compassionate and understanding.  Is extremely intuitive to the point of psychic and precognitive.  May seem like a push-over but is actually quite durable and adaptable.

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