The Purpose of a Twin Soul

The twin soul is not supposed to be the perfect person to fulfill all of your needs.  The twin soul is a reflection and dual incarnation of your own soul, expressing who you are at your deepest core.  Therefore, whatever flaws and limitations you have, they will have them too, only expressed in a different way.  You will see more of yourself in this person than any other person you have met in life.

Everyone we meet reflects us in some way or another.  This is how we learn.  We are able to see ourselves projected onto another and if we accept the reflection of us within them without defensively denying it then we can learn and modify our behavior until we have reached growth.  The twin soul is the person who shares nearly all of your qualities and very obviously reflects it all back to you.  In the same way that physical twins share DNA, you share the same soul expression as this person.  You are one soul imprint incarnated twice on the same realm/dimension simultaneously.  The connection you have mentally, emotionally and spiritually cannot be severed no matter what you do.  If you hurt them in any way, you will almost immediately feel the consequences for doing so.  If you try to sever the relationship, it will feel as if you are being chased by Spirit to rekindle and make it right.  This expresses itself as subtle and overt synchronicities that are obvious and apparent to you and others who are aware of this unique phenomenon.

You always have the free will to ignore all of this and continue on your way but your soul is still connected with theirs and you will still be psychically connected to them and what happens to them just as they are psychically connected to and affected by you.  You can hurt them or heal with them with simply your thoughts.  The magnetic attraction between twin souls is VERY strong and downright irresistible.  There is no way you will ever forget them or their magnificent impact on your life.  The purpose of meeting your twin soul is not simply to walk into the sunset in love and bliss, it is for those souls who have incarnated here with a strong need to know, understand and experience themselves.  ALL ASPECTS OF THEMSELVES.

The twin soul will only be as advanced as you are.  Those who think they are more advanced than their own twin soul are usually suffering from the exact same issues but choose to be in denial about it, projecting the relationship issues onto the other twin soul.  In that case, the very attraction to this person will become just as strong a repellant.  Until full acceptance of Self occurs, there will be no twin soul union.  If you have met yours and there is something standing in the way of your complete physical world union that you both want and desire so much but just cannot achieve, it is due to the fact that you both have not yet accepted yourselves and your own power.  You will reflect this state of being to the other and you both will be stuck in what feels like an impenetrable impasse.

The twin soul is not meant to be the quintessential romantic relationship of the century (though that potential ABSOLUTELY exists!) and to think that is the only purpose of this amazing phenomenon is quite self-serving and myopic.  There is no breaking this bond.  It is the bond that married couples are attempting to achieve that makes them stay with a person and work it out throughout any difficulty or challenge.  Twin souls do not have a choice.  They will have to work it out or else they will suffer and no other partner will compare once they have met each other on Earth.  The experience is simply too intoxicating in its complete and absolute effect over you and your soul’s experience.

There is no getting away from them once you have become aware of their existence in your universe.  You are meant to become One completely with them and balance all of the energies that exist between you.  This is Graduate level schooling on relationships with others and mostly the relationship with your Self.  If you have ever wished for your twin soul to come to you (and all are not incarnated on Earth with each other; most people’s twin soul is not incarnated here but are gently guiding you from the other side), be sure you are ready to do every bit of the excruciating soul work that you have managed to avoid seeing in your karmic relationships.  With the twin soul, there will be no avoidance!

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