Eros Signs

The asteroid Eros (known to the Romans as Cupid) is a mix between Venus (love) and Mars (energy).  It represents your passions and what stimulates you (especially sexually!). Compatible Eros signs between partners indicates a great sexual match and partner in passionate endeavors.  Check your natal chart to get your Eros sign.


Eros in Aries- You are turned on by anything new, exciting and adventurous.  You are likely to be physically turned on by a verbal battle, physical exercise or combat.  Considering you are naturally flirtatious and sexual, your partner need only not to be boring to get it.


Eros in Taurus- You are turned on by old-fashioned romance, a home-cooked meal by candlelight, flowers, candy (pie or ice cream, etc.) and relaxing with your loved one on the couch to watch a movie (and then sex of course).  Romance was made for and by you.


Eros in Gemini- You are turned on by verbal exchanges, interesting ideas and a partner that really “gets” you and your quirky sense of humor.  You are the type to really get off on phone sex and sexting especially if it is not boring or typical.


Eros in Cancer- You are turned on by someone who makes you feel safe, secure and comforted.  You are a pure romantic at heart and want the attention and adoration that you so effortlessly give.  You are sexually turned on by someone who nurtures you.


Eros in Leo- You are turned on by praise, attention, adoration and feeling special.  You are the kind of person who loves the “beginning phase” of a relationship and will give it up to the one who makes you feel like the only one in the room…no, the entire universe!


Eros in Virgo- You are turned on by dedication, attention to detail and a suaveness in a partner, who can also be quirky and weird at the right times.  You want someone who will remember the smallest things about you that most forget and who will serve you. Little things get the fire going for you.


Eros in Libra- You are turned on by someone refined, sophisticated, well-mannered and considerate.  You like a social partner who wants to be seen looking great in the company of your many friends and who will garner the envy of others around you.  A perfect match turns you on.


Eros in Scorpio- You are just turned on in general but what really gets the fire going is a mysterious, creative, sensual and almost scary kind of partner.  You want to stay in the house for days having naughty sex nearly continually so they will need a lot of stamina and endurance.


Eros in Sagittarius- You are turned on by someone who is free-spirited, inquisitive, philosophical and fun-loving.  You want someone who can be the life of the party but who can also hold down a deep conversation about everything while allowing you freedom to do your own thing.


Eros in Capricorn- You are turned on by an ambitious, successful partner who garners favorable admiration from others.  You want to know they have goals and that they are willing to allow you to direct their path.  Also, someone who will indulge in your hidden but very real kinky side.


Eros in Aquarius- You are turned on by a unique genius and creative minded individual who says things you never heard anyone else say and who is willing to listen to you talk.  You want someone open-minded who is willing to explore sexual things that others might find taboo.


Eros in Pisces-  You are turned on by a creative, imaginative dream, romance-novel/movie kind of partner who is not of this world but way beyond it.  You want someone who is so romantic it makes you cry but who also knows when to give you ample space with your own thoughts and feelings.

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