The Limitations of Venus when Looking for Lasting Love

Venus is not always where we should look for love in a chart.  In fact, Venus is quite fickle in her ability to offer love that goes beyond a fling.  Venus in the kind who is “in love with love” meaning that her tastes can be varied and often not assured for any longer than the initial stirrings and sexual arousal that comes with love.  She is quite vain and many times very concerned with her own appearance and how many suitors are available to admire that lovely appearance but beyond how things look, Venus is not concerned with the trivial day-to-day matters of keeping a love together permanently.  Those heavily influenced by her energy will experience love many times, some for very short times and others (that are more connected with Saturn) for a bit longer.  The two signs ruled by Venus are Libra and Taurus.  Their elements are opposing to each other with Libra being of Air, an element of freedom and Earth, an element of stability and longevity.  In Taurus, Venus is likely to stick around a bit longer but only when true affection and stability is offered.  Venus likes to be taken care of financially so if in Taurus, that requirement is met then the relationship will have more staying power.

When analyzing a chart, look to other placements for indications of love, passion or long-term marital relations.  The asteroid Juno shows us the value of marriage, not only for the sake of a vain love affair, but partnership that exists for the purpose of longevity.  Other indicators of passion come from the asteroids Eros and Psyche.  Eros and Psyche have a beautiful love that is able to overcome many challenges and tests as long as they are in harmony with each other.  Eros, known as Cupid, the son of Venus and Mars offers deep passion usually attributed solely to sexuality but the mix of the two parents creates a love/passion stronger than the sum of their individual parts.  Psyche represents the unfolding of our soul as we take our spiritual journeys and overcome our limitations.  The soul is connected to the Heart Chakra and thus the place of true needs and attractions in this life.

Just remember that Venus is not the only place to look for love in a chart.  You can also look at the rulers of the 5th, 7th and even 9th houses as they will also offer insight on the type of love you or another needs as an individual.  There are no two loves that are alike as all relationships manifest differently representing the needs and desires of both (or more) individuals in it.  Be prepared to change your view of love and you can find it in more places than you would have ever imagined.

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