Twin Soul Recognition

There have been much written about how to recognize your twin soul.  I do feel that there are many signs, especially in the form of synchronicities, but despite the many signs that have been espoused, there are a few that are particularly remarkable to only this kind of soul relationship.  That is what I am focusing on in this piece: the signs that are specific and nearly exclusive to the twin soul union that sets it apart from other kinds of karmic and soul mate relationships.

(Nearly) Immediate Recognition

Upon first meeting this person, there is something that stands out about them.  They stand out completely from any other person you have met in this life.  Chances are there were even signs pointing them out to you from before you first made contact.  These signs can come in the form of dreams or some unique set of circumstances that brought you to the same place at the same time to interact.  You also realize that the time that they entered your life was perfect in some type of way.  Either you needed someone just like them to arrive or they came in time for you to enter a turning point where things have never been quite the same since.  Whatever the circumstances, their arrival in your life was remarkable and unique and there was a part of you that just KNEW who they were.  You may not have been to put the idea completely into words but there was a knowing that there is something that connects the both of you that you do not understand and have trouble explaining to others (aside from your twin who knows exactly what you mean).


Deep Mutual Love and Comfort

From the very onset, there is a noticeable feeling of familiarity.  You feel relaxed and hardly nervous at all when you speak to each other (even if you were nervous every second before your direct contact).  They understand everything you are saying with little to no elaboration on your part.  When they speak to you, it’s like they are putting into words so many things you could not express and thought no one could understand.  They seem to know your mind and your heart even though you just met.  The conversations can be very deep and even when they skim the shallow end about basic things in life, it seems so easy to “get” each other.  This happens mostly in the Paradise or “Garden of Eden” phase.  You know instinctually that you love this person.  It is the closest thing to love at first sight that you have ever experienced.  Your interaction is effortless and there is a feeling that you simply cannot get enough of them, ever!  Everything they say and do is incredibly interesting and relatable.  Time seems to stand still when they are around and you two exist in a world where no one else does.  You feel like yourself with them.  There is no need to put on a show or entertain.  You are simply you and have no fear of judgement or condemnation coming from your twin.  Your time together is magical and the closest thing to perfect you have ever felt.


“In This Together” Kind of Mentality

There is a feeling of togetherness that prevails no matter what happens.  You feel concerned for how the other lives their life and the choices they are making.  It feels very personal what they decide for themselves and you always have their best interest in mind when you make your own decisions.  Even during times of separation, there is a constant concern for how they are doing even down to whether they have eaten well that day or had enough sleep that night.  It is nearly impossible to be completely selfish with them.  You are willing to sacrifice your own happiness or comfort to make sure that they are okay.  This is the basis of the idea of twin souls staying in marriages that existed before their meeting.  Despite the twins desperately wanting to be together at all times, they realize that the other has to fulfill duties and obligations to other people and are willing to step out of the way to allow them to do so.  It is endlessly painful and unfortunately doesn’t stop the empathetic person from feeling rejected and saddened but in their heart, they know it must be done so that the married twin can live his/her own individual life to the fullest extent.  When they make decisions, they consider the other and how the other will feel or be affected by them.  There is an inner knowing, deeper than most married couples, that they are responsible for each other and even in times of separation they will often communicate cryptically (i.e. indirect messages on social media) or psychically (thoughts and dreams) to provide love, comfort and relief to the other.


Life Complements and Moves in Tandem

When looking at life’s overall patterns and themes, twin souls often find that they have faced the same issues generally around the same time, either the same year or at the same age.  They may have parallel or reflecting marital circumstances, reflections in the number of children they have or their ages, reflections in the year a certain life changing event happened to them, reflections in the number of siblings they have or their birth order in their family, etc.  They may also experience the same identifications in life or at the other end they can be diametrically opposed.  For instance, one may have a complete fear of commitment resulting in very short marriages and relationships while the other has a remarkable ability for commitment making their marriage or relationship last incredibly long in comparison to their peers.  One may have been extremely popular in school while the other was a complete loner.  Their lives seem to be very parallel, showing the same occurrences or completely opposite.  This goes the same with their viewpoints.  Often, they have parallel viewpoints or are completely opposite.  Yet even with opposite viewpoints, they find a meeting ground where they end up in the same place ultimately.  After meeting, they have many synchronicities and signs that point them to the other throughout nearly every day of their lives.  They will often have the same thoughts and ideas on the same day or at the same time.  They will pick up the phone to call or text the other and many times find that their twin is calling or texting them.  You will ask a question to your twin in your mind that you intend to ask later only to have the twin answer it for you before the words come out of your mouth.  These complements and synchronicities are obvious and numerous and will come whether you ask them to or not and especially when you have doubts or are considering running from the connection.


Intense Emotional Interplay

The emotions between twin flames are VERY intense.  Everything seems to be felt at heightened levels.  A compliment from them means much more than a compliment from anyone else and likewise criticism hurts much worse than it does from anyone else.  When things are good they are great, when things are bad they are horrendous.  This causes the explosive fights and disagreements after the connection has been established for a while since everything is taken very personally and there is not enough of a detached feeling of individuality to protect yourself when it seems they have hurt you.  Twin souls eventually must learn to detach and to actually see this person as separate with their own experiences and viewpoints before they both can handle the intensity of their shared and reflected emotions.  Any feeling you experience, they will too and this reflective quality magnifies the emotional interplay to the point where what once felt like a paradise of heaven to play in, becomes a hell that you must survive at all costs.  When the relationship reaches this point, chances are that separation is very near.  One or both twins will run from the intensity as it is difficult to integrate something so extreme into their everyday mundane understanding of life.  During separation, they must learn to manage their own emotional demons that the twin soul has inadvertently unleashed into their lives.  The twin soul is MEANT to unleash the shadow self and psychic demons so that they can be recognized and integrated.  For many who have never consciously dealt with unacknowledged trauma from childhood and past lives, this will come as a complete shock to the senses.  The twin is a mirror to your soul and whatever you have not been able to see will become unignorably clear upon interacting with your twin.  The MAIN basis of a twin soul union is to bring up all of your remaining karma so that it can be reviewed, cleansed and healed making you a stronger individual and eventually an invincible pair.


Similar Life Paths/Interests

Twin souls often have the same mission in life and are very conscious of it even from an early age.  They are active in trying to accomplish something bigger than themselves, typically of a spiritual nature and are working independently toward this goal before meeting their twin.  Many times, these similarities are how they initially come into contact as they have found themselves moving in the same or parallel circles.  If they are not yet aware of their mission, they usually find themselves interested in the same types of things.  They have the same sense of humor, similar political views, similar child rearing practices and personal and familial values.  A woman who is very passionate about women’s rights issues may find her twin to be man who is very passionate about the role of men in society.  Because these souls are usually older and more advanced, they are deeply concerned about bigger issues.  Their soul has learned to look beyond its own immediate needs to the needs of the collective.  When they meet, they typically find that they can help each other achieve their individual goal and create goals that they want to accomplish together (reflecting the “in this together” mentality).  They are excited about helping each other and feel that their meeting is more than just for their personal romantic interest but also to help the world at large learn to love and accept themselves and others (despite our differences) and particularly how to love others AS themselves.  Both twins are usually very wise in their own right.


Aids in Personal Growth

Overall, the twin soul aids very much in your personal growth and self-understanding.  There is markedly a time before the twin and a time after (like B.C. and A.D. on the calendar).  Once they come into your life, they set off a chain of events and inner exploration like NO OTHER person has ever done or can do.  There are things about yourself that you learn that no one else has been able to get deeply enough through to you to make you realize.  This person seems to reflect it all back to you, good, bad and ugly.  You become more conscious of your immense strengths and debilitating weaknesses.  You are motivated to maximize these strengths and repair the weaknesses as you see the effect that they have on your life, your sanity and the lives of others around you.  Though at times, you feel the weakest you have ever felt (particularly during conflict and separations times), you inevitably end up feeling stronger than you have ever felt in your life.  This person is like a wonderful intoxicant that brings out the very best in you even though you had to journey far and wide through the roughest terrains just to find it.  There is a sense of accomplishment just for having survived the twin soul journey and your clarity about life just gets better and better with time.


The twin soul experience is a life-changing event.  There is nothing in the world like it and there is almost nothing it can be compared to.  The bond can only be reflected on Earth by actual physical twins and even that bond does not always figure in the emotional and spiritual components that twin souls are forced to face.  Those who have met their twin soul have great responsibility to bring love and relating back into the world but first they must learn to love and relate with their own selves.  The twin soul reflection is to make you aware of deeply internal shortcomings that you have that keep you from fully recognizing, accepting and loving yourself.  When you can face these shortcomings, and see yourself as whole again, you will be able to more easily love and accept your twin and then love and accept the world and its shortcomings.  It is a process and it is by no means an overnight one.  It is an initiation to the most primordial secret society of souls meant to bring love, peace and unity back into the world.  Do not take your bond lightly.  Honor it and it will honor you.  Learn from it and your magnanimous energy will influence the world.

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