Twin Soul Separation: The Distillation of the Soul

Twin souls face a very challenging situation when incarnated on Earth.  They balance the intense desire to be together and merge as one, while simultaneously wishing to assert their own independence and sense of ego identity from the other.  Now, be careful.  In the spiritual and esoteric circles, the word “ego” has become a buzz word for all things evil, what the word Satan is for Christian in a way.  Not often do we hear the necessity for the ego and what it does to enhance our experience.  It is through a strong sense of self that we are able to relate to others and our world in a healthy, non-codependent way.  The details of this must be saved for another blog.  Just understand that the time of separation for twin souls is designed primarily to aid in a healthier sense of self and for each twin to face and accept themselves and their inner darkness without distraction or expectation.  The separation that twin souls face is not due to one of them “running” from the connection.  It is due to a build-up of doubts, fears, worries and hidden issues that are buried on the unconscious level.

When the two met, their latent unconscious issues are drudged up into their collective water source.  The term “water” is used here to represent the source of life and healing found within the psyche, or the soul.  In Greek mythology, the goddess Psyche is the soul and her partner Eros is the passion that derives from and infuses the soul.  The shared psyche and psychic experiences of twin flames is due to their shared soul, one expressing the masculine dynamic, the other expressing the feminine dynamic.

The issues that are drudged up into their collective water source, or psyche affect the both of them dramatically, because upon meeting these waters were clear and comparatively calm since their latent psychological issues were relatively undisturbed up until that point.  No relationship they had experienced was powerful enough to bring these issues to conscious thought.  Yes, they may have acted out the result of these issues with karmic partners but the twins were unaware that much of the source of their conflicts came from turmoil within themselves.

The twin soul interaction created a tornado-like vortex because of all of the energy that they wield on a combined level.  This vortex pulled throughout the water and brought to the surface all of the latent drudgery that has rested within their unconscious over many lifetimes.  Once there issues come up, they pollute and poison the collective water source (psyche) of the twins and their healing begins to feel toxic and poisonous.  What was once fresh and clean, pure and refreshing at the onset of their meeting feels like the exact opposite as they go further into their interaction with each other.  BOTH twins feel this.

One may be expressing it externally by running but the other is also expressing it internally through endless questions, doubts and fears.  When this build-up becomes too much for their human mind to process, the “system” breaks down through overload and there is a separation period.  This separation is meant to allow the distillation of these toxins and to allow the human mind to rest and recuperate so that it can regain enough strength to process all this new information revealed about itself.  The deeper the issues, or rather the deeper the DENIAL of these issues, the longer the distillation process and acceptance time.  The real purpose of separation is to clear the collective waters of the twins’ psyche.

The key to this time of separation is to try and sustain the vortex of energy.  At some point, one or both of the twins will try to shield themselves off from the connection in effort to protect their individual psyche from the painful heartbreak and disappointment caused by the interaction and its subsequent psychic pollution.  If both decide to raise the shield and not to sustain the vortex of energy then everything will fall back down into the water without being cleansed out.  This means that the once latent drudgery will be buried again below the surface of awareness (the unconscious) and repressed once again.  It is eventually forgotten about and the individuals will feel peace (despite a deeper, yet milder pain and longing that will still remain).  They will believe that they can continue on with a “normal” life, trying to forget about the experience.

If one chooses to keep the cycle going, choosing to recognize the issues and work to distill them, it will clear out the collective psyche faster as the one works on an individual level to clear the waters.  Eventually, the other twin will feel this work and will reflect it back, choosing to clear their own psyche as well.

Separation time is a very pivotal time.  It is like being knocked down very hard in a fight.  A huge part of you wants to lay there and succumb to defeat because so much energy has been used up and until this point and it is easier to just surrender to knock out.  But you cannot.  You must find the strength to get back up and keep the vortex spinning, even if you have to spin this tremendous energy alone sometimes.  On a psychic level, it is working even if in life it appears that all is lost.  You must keep the vortex spinning.

Addendum (and note to the “chaser”):  Simply chasing the runner to end the separation will not work.  The runner is still aware of the unresolved, polluted waters of the collective psyche and have no desire to return back to them.  The waters must be cleansed, the internal demons and emotional scars MUST be faced.  It is due to a deep soul wisdom that the twins are separated.  It is caused by the unconscious request of the BOTH of them.  They called on their higher self to give them respite so that they will be motivated to do the work required for a full union.  One where the waters are clean and pure again and they can come together without fear, agony and doubt.  The purity of the waters (that is experienced at the initial meeting) represents the promise, the highest potential of their collective psyche.  Eros is the passion to pursue the highest potential of the Psyche.  When Eros flees (time of separation), it is now on Psyche to complete her tasks so that the two can be united in Heaven (Jupiter, higher knowledge and spiritual expansion).  Though Eros is unseen, he is still in spirit helping Psyche to complete her tasks and spin the vortex.

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