Prince Natal Chart



DOB: 6/7/1958

Life Path: 36/9

Life path number 9 suggests that his mission in this life was to bring people and things together.  9 is a number of integration and completion bringing a sense of totality and wholeness.  9 is a very magical and reflective number so he is able to draw upon the energy of the elements around him and synthesize them for the development of all.

Moon Phase: Disseminating

Born in the Disseminating moon phase, Prince was a teacher, a natural communicator (also reflected in his Gemini Sun) who came to the world with a message.  This is the moon phase of the philosopher and sage and what can be known about him can be discovered in his music, his personal means of delivering his message.

Scorpio/Pluto ruled chart with Sun in the 8th House

His Scorpio ascendant makes him appear as a mysterious and enigmatic figure.  His life is one of personal renovations, renewals and resurrections.  With his Sun in the 8th house, the home of Scorpio, themes of sex, death and the unknown proliferated his personality.  He was in touch with the deepest aspects of human psychology and motivations and intuitively knew what was going on with everyone around him.  This placement of the Sun can also bring about a very controlling and subtly dominant personality.

Sun conjunct Amor

He was in love with love and the idea of sharing the deepest parts of the self with another.  His idea of true love was conversations about things that most would be uncomfortable to share with others and bonding through secrecy.  With Amor being in the 8th house, his view about true and real love included the sexual bond as sex would be seen as a means to transcend the mundane world and connect with the spiritual.

Jupiter and Chiron trine Amor (Grand Air Trine)

He was in search of a grand ideal of a healing kind of love.  It is something that would not come easy as his Chiron in Aquarius would always make him feel that he was not special enough and would lead to him feeling empty and becoming aloof and distant.  Despite this, his love probably felt very healing to others and larger than life with the influence of Jupiter.  He could give more love than he, himself, was able to actually feel.  With this Grand Trine, there is a chance that nothing ever matched his high ideals and he was constantly disappointed with love though he strived for it constantly.

Moon conjunct IC, Mars in Aries (Chart Ruler) in 4th– 4th and 10th house interception

With his Moon in Pisces conjunct the IC, he identified very much with his mother.  She was seen as a victim and quite an emotional figure who could escape into her own mind and world leaving him behind.  Mars in the 4th suggests that this was due to explosive violence in the home.  Mars opposes Lillith which suggests that anytime his mother would try to assert her own viewpoint or any kind of independence, it was met with violence and subduing.  His father was a very domineering and hard-working man, though very insecure.  Prince was a deeply sensitive child but he learned to repress and control his emotions due to living in such a land mine of a home.  Later in his life, he could become angry and quite temperamental as result of this early home life.

Moon in Pisces trine Neptune in Scorpio (at home in 12th house)

Prince was a highly creative person even from childhood.  He had a great imagination and could create a world in his mind of what he wanted to see and experience.  This form of escapism helped him to keep his mind intact while living in a home where his emotional expression was mostly repressed.  This would form of the basis of a strong connection with spirituality.  This placement would make him very curious and investigative about spiritual matters and truths and he was unlikely to take anything at face value, always needing to probe deeper to get the root of any matter.  He was possibly very psychic.

Moon in Pisces square Mercury in Gemini (7th)

In relationships and friendships, he had trouble communicating his deeper feelings.  As much as he would enjoy talking to others probing their mind and getting them to reveal their deeper feelings, he was reluctant to share his own.  He is the type to listen way more than he speaks.

Pluto conjunct Midheaven

In matters of his career, he wanted full control over everything.  Pluto in the fixed sign of Leo would leave nothing to chance or in the hands of others.  He was extremely hard working and goal-oriented and would prefer to craft his own public image and was very unlikely to let anyone else have much say-so over how he was perceived.

Venus in Taurus conjunct Descendant and Hades

He was a stable and generous lover and preferred to be with those he could depend on with complete loyalty and reliability.  Despite this, his experience in love was often quite heart-breaking with a lot of abandonment, loss, fear and hopelessness.  He (or his lovers) may have been a bit too stubborn and set in their own ways to allow a relationship to grow and transform causing him or others to feel stifled and the relationship to eventually end, badly.

Venus oppose Psyche

His soul was an ever-growing and transforming one which may have caused him to outgrow his lovers.  He was constantly in flux and reinventing himself on a spiritual level that many just could not keep up the pace.  The needs of his soul were often at odds with the needs of his lovers and chances are that he chose his soul growth at the end of it all.

Psyche and Neptune conjunct North Node in 12th (Stellium)

His soul was here to grow spiritually.  Over the course of his life he developed a rich inner spiritual relationship with the Divine.  He was meant to use his vast imagination and creativity to connect with a higher source allowing him to understand his deepest motivations and unconscious cues that were unknown to him for the first portion of his life.  He was a spiritual guide to those who really knew him with the wisdom of a prophet or a sage.

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