12 Signs of Toxic Energy Vampires

This past year in my life, I have had to remove a lot of toxic people as I begin my own personal renewal and rebirth phase. It is often easy to say that there are those who are jealous of you or hating on you but those terms mean nothing if you do not have the specific traits that point those types of people out in contrast to others who actually do support and love you. So I decided to compile a list of the traits I have noticed in those who do not want to see your progression but only revel in your setback. These very people will hardly ever reveal themselves openly but as time goes by, their true nature will be impossible to hide.  Also, be particularly aware if you are an empathic, intuitive or sensitive person, you may have more of these people in your life than you realize since these traits are found among energy vampires who seek to use spiritually progressive people as a source of energy that they are not able to cultivate for themselves.

  1. Those who need you to always need them.
  2. Those who use you to validate themselves and their progress.
  3. Those who do not respect and use up your time and energy.
  4. Those, who no matter your progress, always point out your shortcomings.
  5. Those who do not celebrate your victories and successes or outright ignore them.
  6. Those who despite all flowery language never evolve in their approach to handling challenging life situations.
  7. Those who speak only highly of themselves despite their lives not reflecting this over-exalted self-image. This is a reflection of lack when it comes to vulnerability and honest self-analysis.
  8. Those who always aim to make you feel guilty about something.
  9. Those who can barely be found when you are having real struggles readjusting to changes or setbacks in your life.
  10. Those, when called out directly for any transgression cannot simply apologize for their actions but must cast blame or use a self-defense mechanism.
  11. Those who cast you as disloyal whenever they realize that you are beginning to distance yourself from them (as a result of personal growth).
  12. Those who do not respect your space or possessions.

Please keep an eye open for those around you that exhibit these traits.  You will know if some of these traits are only exhibited due to their temporary or personal stress or if this is simply how they choose to be.  If it is the latter, waste no time in cutting these people out of your life with no apologies.  You must tend to your garden, pulling any weeds out if you expect for it to grow.

Peace. Shalom. Ashe.

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