New Moon in Libra- A Personal Experience

The New Moon is in my Twelfth House….along with Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun (and soon Mars and Venus will be there too!).  I am already Twelfth House dominant as I have Saturn, Mars and Pluto there natally (with Mars and Pluto being ruling planets for me) but damn…..this is a lot of energy to handle even for me!  All that energy has me a place of feeling tired, overwhelmed, depressed, lethargic while also making me more spiritually aware, analytical and magically energized.  Libra is always asking us to find a balance between opposites while at the same time ping ponging us from one extreme to the next.  Adding to one side of the scale to alleviate another side until both are equal.  I have allowed my physical life to take the lead for a while now and now all this lethargy has me becoming introspective and judging (another Libran theme) what I need to completely eradicate in my life so that I can experience the rebirth of identity that Jupiter in Scorpio is going to start bringing to my First House beginning in a few days.

Basically I am transitioning all over the place while trying to keep my head above the Twelfth House subconscious waters.  And the Twelfth House is no lake!  It is the depth of the ocean as it pulls from the issues I been carrying since childhood and the past lives that existed long before that.  That Piscean energy has a looooong memory and it will never allow the most traumatic of experiences to be truly forgotten until you have come to complete terms with them integrating them into your consciousness for understanding, compassion and healing.

There is a lot going on right now inside of me and as terrifying as a lot of it is, I am welcoming this emotional house clearing so that I can arise like the Scorpio rising Phoenix I am used to being.  Come on Archons, time to burn this whole shit down so that I can fly away washed and renewed!

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