Chaldean Numbers Study: Assata Shakur

Assata Shakur

DOB: 7/16/1947

Moon Phase: Balsamic

Day #: 7

Individual Name #: 13/4

Total Name #: 32/5

Hidden #: 12/3

Period #: 2-, 7+


Assata Shakur was an American revolutionary fighting to remedy the injustices of Black people during the post-civil rights era of the 70’s.  She was a member of the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army.  She was falsely convicted of murdering a police officer in 1977, along with other charges, which caused her to flee the country to find asylum in Cuba.  She is currently on the FBI’s most wanted list while still in exile.  I came across her book “Assata: An Autobiography” many years ago and has since been in awe of this compassionate and courageous yet deeply misunderstood woman.  There is also a documentary that gives a good idea of who she is called “Eyes of the Rainbow”.  Her beautiful and enduring spirit is what has made her the subject of my first published Chaldean Numbers study.

Assata (born Joanne) was born under the phase of the Balsamic Moon in the 8th period of the cycle.  The Balsamic Moon person is marked with many intense karmic meetings and experiences as it is the very last moon phase before the beginning New Moon.  These people have many varied experiences and form a multitude meaningful and intense yet short relationships with others as they tie up their karmic loose ends before ascending to the next phase of soul evolution.  Life for them is marked by isolation, introspection, challenges and wisdom.  Their life often becomes an example for many to gain great understanding and wisdom.

Observing her numbers, it is clear the prevalence of the number 7 as reflected in her month of birth, Day Number (which is very important for the path of life and personality in the Chaldean number system) and her Period Number.  The number 7 is symbolized by the planet Neptune and the South Node of the Moon, called Ketu.  These energies brought themes of sorrow, malevolence and karmic baggage into her life.  The 7 person is made strong through trials and the emotional management reflected in the #7 Tarot card, The Chariot.  Yet 7 also brings in the motivation to relieve the sorrows and suffering of others as adversity makes us more compassionate to others who are in adverse conditions.  Even before leaving the country, she had dedicated her life to relieve the suffering of her people.  Her name Assata means “she who struggles” and it is a part of her philosophy that we are acutely aware of our own suffering so that changes can be made to alleviate it.  Her life was dedicated to destroying the white supremist power structure through knowledge and education (other themes of the number 7).

Though her name fit her and her mission, the name “Assata” itself equals to the number 4.  4 is a number of structure and organization yet is also responsible for dismantling structures as it is ruled by the planet Uranus, a planet of sudden changes and destruction.  4 is co-ruled by the North Node of the Moon which shows that all of her karmic struggle (which is a past life inclination) had a purpose as Uranus and the North Node also bring us a sense of purpose and faith in an unknown future.

A person’s Hidden Number shows us the underlying path that one’s life tends to inadvertently take.  The Day Number would be like the Sun and the Hidden Number would be like the Moon in its influence on our lives.  Assata’s Hidden number is a 12, a number creating a life of continued sacrifice and sorrow.  Not only did she sacrifice a peaceful life in her country of origin, this choice to evacuate caused her to sacrifice all of the relationships with friends and family members that were left behind in America.  In Eyes of the Rainbow, she spoke of her mother’s passing on the very day that she was filmed in the documentary.  This shows that even until very recently it was so important to get her message out of how to relieve the struggle of Black people (and the power of women, as the documentary had a strong feminine theme) that she would forego her own personal mourning to communicate to others.

Despite her life of struggle of sacrifice, sorrow and karmic pain, Assata Shakur’s Total Name Number reveals the number 32/5.  This number tells us that within all of the adversity in her life, the Mercurial energy of the 5 has allowed her to move swiftly and quickly to different places and experiences granting her a wisdom that is not common to find.  She is gifted with an inner peace and an ability to be loved by many creating new harmonious relationships that help to replace and complement many that she had to sacrifice.

She is life’s eternal student and a teacher and inspiration to women (and men) who understand the value of ideals, revolution and dedication to your people.  Her last name Shakur has a value of 19/1.  It is the same last name as her late godson Tupac Shakur and his revolutionary mother Afeni Shakur.  The name carries a legacy of wisdom, compassion, inspiration and honor to those, like myself, who are in awe of the power and beauty of those who have carried the name.  Assata has secured an honored position and will be worshipped as an ancestor when her time of joyful transition arrives.

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