(Since Venus has entered Pisces, I feel inspired to share some poetry.)

Every time he touches me, I feel electrified.  When he kisses me, he puts that spell on me that automatically puts me in a trance.  I open up to him and all of his breath allowing it to flow into me and resuscitate my dying heart.  The Magician’s hands roam the valleys and peaks of my body and I become his instrument for sorcery.  I am hypnotized.  His willing participant.  He reaches into the deepest of my valleys and commands the river to flow out for him, careening down my legs as he reaches the mouth of the river and decides to take a dip.  His magic wand enters me and I come alive.  I am animated as our flesh undulates to the shared rhythm.  He moves in and out of me, in and out of me, in and out of me demonstrating the power and the friction that creates the entire Universe.  The Universe is Ours as we recreate it and make it our own.  Writing our names in the stars as I am Sirius about following my Orion wherever he may lead me.  His zombi ready to do his will.  And when we climax together as a Supernova star imploding, exploding and leaving the remnant of our souls upon each other, the vibration of my primordial Siren screams have surely destroyed this world and yet created a new dimension where fairies light up the seas and horses fly in the wind.  I am his High Priestess opening the way for his Magick to manifest.  And he is crowned God of our dark underworld.

Peace. Love. Ashe.

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