What your 12th House Planets Reveal about your Karma (and your hidden gifts)

The 12th house is the home of our past life karma.  It tells us what has been left unresolved within our subconscious mind and seems to constantly hound us in our present life.  It is the burden that we carry that tends to limit us due to the planets housed there and the signs on the cusp taking on an almost fuzzy kind of energy.  It is where we house our weaknesses…but also our greatest strengths!  Because the planets and signs in this house take a while to fully form, when they do they are some of our most powerful tools in the arsenal of our present incarnation.  To everyone around us, it will appear to be the area where we have the most problems but as soon as you turn those “problems” on their head (as you must always do with Piscean energy), you will discover that this is the house of our greatest abilities once we change our viewpoint and embrace them.

Sun in the 12th House (Leo on the Cusp)

With the Sun in your 12th house, who you are is a mystery to yourself and others.  You have trouble asserting your own desires and therefore may be perceived as lacking confidence and even self-esteem.  This is not usually the case.  It is just that you are not always sure what you want (or what you “should” want) and therefore lack the direction to go after it with complete certainty.  To others around you, your inability to assert yourself or take the lead appears to be a weakness.  In truth, you know yourself on a much deeper level than most others.  You are aware of many options and can see the benefits and drawbacks of many choices and so you prefer to go with the flow and allow life to lead you to where you should be.  You are strong in intuition and faith and are sure that no matter what happens you will not only survive but thrive.  You are here for the journey and each movement allows you to know yourself deeper than most others could even imagine.  This makes you very strong in ending up exactly where you belong.

Moon in the 12th House (Cancer on the Cusp)

Your Moon in the 12th house makes it difficult to know how you feel.  Your feelings confuse you and if you are not careful you can be pitched into the deepest ocean of emotion perceiving that you have no way out of them.  For this reason, you may avoid emotions or at the least avoid showing them to others as you are afraid that showing them can trigger an onslaught that you do not feel prepared and are ill equipped to handle.  Others may get the sense that you lack emotion and empathy all together sometimes or the exact opposite: that you are too sensitive or needy.  The truth is you are very empathetic, feeling your and others’ emotions always.  You understand the deeper wisdom of others’ feelings usually better than they can their own.  Having to go through such depths has given you a mastery that when inspired you have the potential for artistic greatness through a vulnerable self-expression that most will never be able to achieve.  This happens when you let go and allow yourself to feel without running away from the depths.

Mercury in the 12th House (Gemini/Virgo on the Cusp)

With Mercury in the 12th House, somewhere along the line you were given the impression that it was easier and more beneficial to keep your thoughts to yourself.  You are hesitant to share your impressions with others as you don’t think you will be understood and thus don’t feel like it is worth the effort to do so.  You may come off as an introvert allowing others to speak over you with some believing that they can just tell you what to think.  You attract people who speak for you as they think you are not articulate enough to create your own viewpoint.  In fact, you are smarter than most and when given time can put your thoughts and feelings into the clearest of words, painting a picture with more detail and insight due to your ability to observe everything that happens around you.  You hold back judgement until all knowledge is garnered which in turn makes your thoughts, words and opinions more precise than those who spout out words without as much awareness.

Venus in the 12th House (Taurus/Libra on the Cusp)

Venus gracing your 12th House makes you hesitant and suspicious in matters of love.  You have trouble trusting the intentions of your lovers and oftentimes may find yourself in hidden relationships, either by choice or circumstance.  It takes you awhile to be vulnerable and to truly let your lovers see you from an intimate viewpoint.  Your life may be littered with failed relationships and friendships since others have a hard time getting to really know you as you are reluctant to let down your walls and allow someone to come in and love you.  You may have even come to the idea that you are not lovable enough and convinced yourself that you do not need the affection of others to be satisfied in life.  In truth, you desire a love deeper than most relationships you have ever seen.  You want to be fully open, vulnerable and transparent with your lover and when you feel that security there is no limit to how much love and devotion you will give.  You crave a true soul mate kind of love who can handle a relationship of enduring trust, passion and the deepest bond imaginable.

Mars in the 12th House (Aries/Scorpio on the cusp)

With Mars in this house, you hesitate to take direct action.  You may suffer a lack of overall energy throughout the day and find yourself tired or foggy a lot of the time.  You are not always sure what direction to take and so many times you take no direction at all.  You find yourself spinning your wheels and spending a lot of energy on endeavors that ultimately lead to nothing.  Others see you as lacking drive and ambition and some may even perceive you as lazy since you often appear at rest when they think you should be taking action.  In fact, you work very hard behind the scenes.  Having this placement teaches you how to manage your energy so you instinctively know what you should give energy to and what (or who) you should not.  Your progress comes slower, but it certainly comes and while others are literally sleeping at night, you are quietly working toward your bigger goals.  When you find your passion, you will stick with it and endure long after others would have given up.  You may not be the hare, yet you are the tortoise who endures until the end.

Jupiter in the 12th House (Sagittarius/Pisces on the cusp)

Jupiter in the 12th house makes it difficult for you to attract abundance.  You do not easily take what others seem to receive so easily.  Somewhere along the lines you were fed the idea that you must save and conserve everything that you have or else there will not be enough in the future.  You are not as confident in your vision and beliefs and may even believe yourself not to have great knowledge or wisdom at all.  You are used to settling for less and have even convinced yourself that you are happy with it.  Knowing the deeper truth of situations may also escape you leaving you confused.  In actuality, you know how to make a lot out of very little.  You are used to conserving, so you learned how to have exactly what you need when you need it.  You are not wasteful, nor do you take things for granted.  Because of this, others may end up coming to you after they have squandered their resources in surprise at how much you have truly amassed.  This gives you an abundance of practical wisdom in survival and how to make a fortune out of next to nothing.

Saturn in the 12th House (Capricorn on the cusp)

With Saturn in the 12th house, you have trouble setting proper boundaries for yourself.  You also have trouble taking the direction of authority and therefore end up having difficulty understanding basic and common obligations.  Others see you as shirking off important matters while choosing not to “grow up” and assume authority yourself.  You give a lot to others not knowing when to limit and say “no” leaving you drained of resources that would help you establish yourself and take responsibility for yourself.  You come off as a “free spirit” drifting through life.  In truth, you are very hard on yourself.  You are a perfectionist, afraid to make mistakes in life.  You answer only to your own authority and trust only your own wisdom since you’ve worked very hard to establish an inner “code of conduct”.  You have guidelines and principles that you would never compromise and are willing to take the harder road just to stay true to your value system.  Because of this, you are fiercely loyal and more durable than many since your moral code is built from within.  It will serve you well as you get older garnering you a deeper respect from everyone around you.

Pluto in the 12th House (Scorpio on the cusp)

Pluto in the 12th house makes it difficult for you to understand the dynamics of power.  You do not respect overt power players or what you perceive as manipulators who do things for their own personal gain, exploiting others to do so.  You may come off as extremely honest since you are worried that if you do not reveal everything you are thinking or doing than you are hurting others through taking advantage of their ignorance.  This makes others see you as a bit naïve and too idealistic, sometimes even a “goody two shoes” who doesn’t respect secrets and mysteries.  In truth, you have some really deep secrets that would shock most who think they know you.  You are aware of all the games that others are playing and know how to play the game better than most through sheer intuition and observation skills.  You even know that your perceived honesty gives you the credit of trust and a good reputation which allows you more power over others than they even realize they are giving up.  This makes you a truly formidable enemy if you ever choose to use what others have revealed to you against them (simply knowing this is enough to sate your hidden hunger for power anyway though).

Uranus in the 12th House (Aquarius on the cusp)

Having Uranus in the 12th house makes you quite the conformist.  You choose to go with what has already been established rather than straying too far away from the tried and true.  You have trouble with expressing your uniqueness and may resist forming your own viewpoints that differ too much from what others have already approved of as the “proper way” of thinking.  You tend to align with the status quo and sometimes get lost in what others think is the “best” or “right” thing to do making you seem like a stick in the mud.  In actuality, you have some very strange and deep thoughts on the world and what it is made of.  You hide away what you think because you know that others are not thinking this far ahead or deeply into things and you will be considered strange if you bring it up.  You may feel alone with your thoughts wondering if others have ever even thought of what you have.  When you are alone, your mind wanders to some very interesting places and as you grow older you will gain the confidence to just let it all hang out making you admirable for your quirkiness and innovative perspective.

Neptune in the 12th House (Pisces on the cusp)

Neptune is at home in the 12th house which adds to its hidden quality in this house.  When it comes to spirituality, you don’t think of yourself as having a spiritual path or relationship to it at all most of the time.  To others it seems that you lack any kind of doctrine of faith and even that you lack an imagination.  It just does not seem like something you are interested in or something you have considered at all.  You appear very basic and practical, only concerning yourself with the physical world around you.  In truth, you have a deep knowing and intuition to the point where you don’t see an organized spirituality as necessary.  You have vivid dreams that tell you the future and you are always on the pulse of what the people you care about are thinking and doing, even before they are ever aware of it themselves.  You have a direct line to Universal understanding.  Your daydream often and your imagination is intense, and you can create things just by envisioning it, which you do often.  When it comes to spirituality you have so much of it that there is no need to flaunt it, it just simply is your reality.

Peace. Love. Ashe.

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