Elusive Love

Love is pure chaos. It follows no rules, no regulations, has no definitions. It cannot be controlled. It cannot be quantified.

I think this is why I am so intensely and passionately interested in it. I have always chased the elusive star of love. I mean on a certain level, love exists everywhere and it is the absence of the consciousness and awareness of love that creates the division between others and what is called “hate”. Yet even with higher awareness, love as a feeling is so complicated, unpredictable, wild, feral and amazing yet painful because you can never truly possess it and hold on to it. It will always escape you despite the idea that it is all around you.

There are moments when you are full of so much love and wonder and moments when you feel completely devoid as if She is a mother who has abandoned her child in a dumpster. It feels that elusive sometimes. At any moment everything can change. For all our attempts at harnessing security, nothing is secure.

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