(Since Venus has entered Pisces, I feel inspired to share some poetry.) Every time he touches me, I feel electrified.  When he kisses me, he puts that spell on me that automatically puts me in a trance.  I open up to him and all of his breath allowing it to flow into me and resuscitate … Continue reading Magick

Chaldean Numbers Study: Assata Shakur

Assata Shakur DOB: 7/16/1947 Moon Phase: Balsamic Day #: 7 Individual Name #: 13/4 Total Name #: 32/5 Hidden #: 12/3 Period #: 2-, 7+   Assata Shakur was an American revolutionary fighting to remedy the injustices of Black people during the post-civil rights era of the 70’s.  She was a member of the Black … Continue reading Chaldean Numbers Study: Assata Shakur

The Sacred Whore

Hated, despised, blamed and feared.  She is the Whore.  The primal and natural woman.  The honest and unashamed woman.  The free and liberated woman.  Her power is boundless.  The look in her eye, the fire in her heart.  The force of her stride.  The curve of her body.  The soft and subtle movements, evoking images … Continue reading The Sacred Whore