Chaldean Numbers Study: Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is such an enigmatic figure that he defies true explanation or understanding of who he truly is.  His life is shrouded in mystery and tragedy yet his name continues to interest and mesmerize people many years after his death.  He is both a recognized and unrecognized genius.  His scientific and innovative mind with … Continue reading Chaldean Numbers Study: Nikola Tesla


New Moon in Libra- A Personal Experience

The New Moon is in my Twelfth House....along with Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun (and soon Mars and Venus will be there too!).  I am already Twelfth House dominant as I have Saturn, Mars and Pluto there natally (with Mars and Pluto being ruling planets for me) but damn.....this is a lot of energy to … Continue reading New Moon in Libra- A Personal Experience

12 Signs of Toxic Energy Vampires

This past year in my life, I have had to remove a lot of toxic people as I begin my own personal renewal and rebirth phase. It is often easy to say that there are those who are jealous of you or hating on you but those terms mean nothing if you do not have … Continue reading 12 Signs of Toxic Energy Vampires