Elusive Love

Love is pure chaos. It follows no rules, no regulations, has no definitions. It cannot be controlled. It cannot be quantified. I think this is why I am so intensely and passionately interested in it. I have always chased the elusive star of love. I mean on a certain level, love exists everywhere and it … Continue reading Elusive Love

The Problems with the Twin Flame Ideology

This is a piece that has been on my mind for a while to write.  It seems the idea of twin flames has gained more and more prominence in the consciousness of the spiritual masses over the years and while I do believe it is beautiful to see the collective expanse of thinking and understanding … Continue reading The Problems with the Twin Flame Ideology

Twin Soul Recognition

There have been much written about how to recognize your twin soul.  I do feel that there are many signs, especially in the form of synchronicities, but despite the many signs that have been espoused, there are a few that are particularly remarkable to only this kind of soul relationship.  That is what I am … Continue reading Twin Soul Recognition

The Limitations of Venus when Looking for Lasting Love

Venus is not always where we should look for love in a chart.  In fact, Venus is quite fickle in her ability to offer love that goes beyond a fling.  Venus in the kind who is “in love with love” meaning that her tastes can be varied and often not assured for any longer than … Continue reading The Limitations of Venus when Looking for Lasting Love

Eros Signs

The asteroid Eros (known to the Romans as Cupid) is a mix between Venus (love) and Mars (energy).  It represents your passions and what stimulates you (especially sexually!). Compatible Eros signs between partners indicates a great sexual match and partner in passionate endeavors.  Check your natal chart to get your Eros sign.   Eros in … Continue reading Eros Signs

The Purpose of a Twin Soul

The twin soul is not supposed to be the perfect person to fulfill all of your needs.  The twin soul is a reflection and dual incarnation of your own soul, expressing who you are at your deepest core.  Therefore, whatever flaws and limitations you have, they will have them too, only expressed in a different … Continue reading The Purpose of a Twin Soul

Pluto in Libra: Relating in the New Age

Not everyone has a Pluto in Libra.  You would have to check your personal chart to be sure (contact me if you need one made for you).  Pluto is a generational planet, so this video is to discuss the implications of this arrangement on society as a whole as these people are of the age … Continue reading Pluto in Libra: Relating in the New Age