Chaldean Numbers Study: Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is such an enigmatic figure that he defies true explanation or understanding of who he truly is.  His life is shrouded in mystery and tragedy yet his name continues to interest and mesmerize people many years after his death.  He is both a recognized and unrecognized genius.  His scientific and innovative mind with … Continue reading Chaldean Numbers Study: Nikola Tesla

Chaldean Numbers Study: Assata Shakur

Assata Shakur DOB: 7/16/1947 Moon Phase: Balsamic Day #: 7 Individual Name #: 13/4 Total Name #: 32/5 Hidden #: 12/3 Period #: 2-, 7+   Assata Shakur was an American revolutionary fighting to remedy the injustices of Black people during the post-civil rights era of the 70’s.  She was a member of the Black … Continue reading Chaldean Numbers Study: Assata Shakur